In  A Scandal in Bohemia, private investigator extraordinaire Sherlock Holmes brings to our attention that our skills of observation can always be improved upon.  


Whether reviewing a fragile marriage certificate or taking in a tin type, heightened skills of observation can benefit the genealogist.  And that is just one detective method that can and should be employed.

In the newest issue of Family Tree Magazine (July 2010) which hits news stands today, I share my Top 10 Detective Strategies for finding living relatives who may just hold the answers to some of your family history mysteries.  
Thinking like a P.I. means thinking outside the box – the Internet search box that is.  When it comes to estranged relatives, unknown distant cousins or folks you’ve just lost track we track down the leads that go well beyond Google.
Here’s an excerpt from the article that will get you started called Phone Tapping.  You can get the entire article by visiting the Shop Family Tree website.

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