It starts out so innocent.

You and your spouse decide you want to take the family out for a day of enjoying the great outdoors.  The climb up the local mountain is challenging and exhilarating. Now it’s time to head home, back down the mountain.  But as darkness starts to fall the trail becomes dim.  Things aren’t looking like they did on the way up.  The kids are cold and tired, and all of a sudden it’s not so much fun.

That’s exactly what happened to a family that made the trip up  Mount Tzouhalem in British Columbia, Canada recently.  They called for help on their cell phone, and Cowichan Search and Rescue was on the case.  But how would then narrow down where to look for the stranded family?  Pull up Google Earth of course!

According to the article “Search and Rescue Uses Google Earth to Find Missing Family” from the website, searchers reviewed the terrain in Google Earth looking for landmarks, buildings, and fences described by the weary travellers.  They were brought home safe and sound.

Sometimes looking for ancestors can feel a bit like being lost in the wilderness.  Thankfully, you can use the same strategies employed by this innovative search and rescue team to locate the lost.  That’s what my DVD series Google Earth for Genealogy is all about!  After I was able to identify the exact location where a 100 year old family photo was taken with Google Earth, I knew the genealogical potential for this free program was limitless

Check out these videos to see what you’ll learn!

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