Image Geo-Tagging has been on my list of topics that I’ve wanted to cover more in depth on the podcast, and I’m happy to say in Episode 104 I had the opportunity to interview an expert on the topic.  Chris Bair works on the servers at FamilySearch, and is an avid photographer of his 6 beautiful kids!  So when geo-tagging technology came along, he was keen to put it to work documenting where all those family photos were taken.

The exciting news is that geo-coded images can easily be incorporated into our Google Earth maps!  (Learn more about using Google Earth for Genealogy here)  Needless to say, when I heard that I became convinced that it’s time to upgrade my old digital camera (not a hard buy medication in usa decision since the battery seems to last about 10 minutes!)  Rumor has it my husband Bill has snagged the newest on the market for my upcoming birthday, just in time for our family history journey to England and the Who Do You Think You Are LIVE conference.  Sweet!

Listen to Episode 104 at the website, the free Genealogy Gems Toolbar, or in iTunes.
Items mentioned in this episode:

Chris will be presenting a class on Geo-Tagging at the upcoming Rootstech conference.  Click here for all the details on attending the conference.  I’ll be there!

Also in this episode is professional genealogist Kory Meyerink who gives us a behind the scenes look at how he compiles the 50 Most Popular Genealogy Website list that he will reveal at RootsTech.

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