Google’s free tools are powerful resources for family history buffs.  Here are the latest updates:

Google Takes on Facebook
Genealogists everywhere have been flocking to Facebook to make connections, share family tree info, and tap into the collective brain trust. (“Like” The Genealogy Gems Podcast on Facebook) Will they now flock to the new Google+ ? Only time will tell. I suspect that there’s a good possibility because Google+ is addressing privacy and sharing issues that Facebook just hasn’t mastered to everyone’s full satisfaction.

I love the easy to create “Circles” that allow you to share info just with certain groups of friends. And the bonus of this feature is that it cuts down on tons of info showing up in your “News Feed” (as it’s called in Facebook) that really doesn’t pertain to you and that you likely have no interest in.

Right now Google+ is by invitation only. But don’t worry – you’ll like receive an invite from someone you know, and in the end (after they work out more of the bugs) it will be open to everyone. Here’s a super quick video that explains the Google+ concept:

Googles Homepage
Google is tweaking the design on the classic Google homepage. Go here to read more about it. But of course I favor using iGoogle to convert into a completely customized family history research homepage. Genealogy Gems Premium Members can accomplish this today by watching my Google Video Series available in Premium Membership.

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