Friday on the genealogy themed TV series Who Do You Think You Are?, Rob Lowe uncovered surprises about his family tree. Watch the full episode here. Plus, I’ve got two deleted scenes and a highlight below. And to top things off, get a sneak peek at the next episode featuring Rashida Jones, another star of NBC’s Parks and Recreation.

Fighting George Washington
Rob Lowe learns that his 5x great-grandfather fought against George Washington in the Battle of Trenton in service of Great Britain.

A True American Story
Rob Lowe shares with his brother Chad the fascinating discoveries he made about his ancestors and how they helped shaped the foundation of America.

Frightening Chaos
Rob Lowe tours the famed Battle of Trenton where his ancestor fought against George Washington and the American Revolution

Rashida Jones
Rashida Jones uncovers her maternal family history from Manhattan to Eastern Europe and uncovers the answers to her grandmother’s missing years.

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