Sierra in California wrote in to say she’s been taking the Genealogy Gems Podcast with her on the road this summer:

“I listen to Genealogy Gems while in the car. We live just north of San Francisco and travel to Tahoe at least once a month. My kids and husband usually fall asleep as soon as the car hits the freeway. Before every trip I download 4 or 5 podcasts to my iphone. As soon as everyone is asleep, I plug my iphone into my car stereo and listen to you for the 3 hour drive. Genealogy Gems makes the trip fly by.

I can’t thank you enough for such great content you include each week. I have picked up so many awesome techniques and tips from listening to you. Thanks!”

Well thank you Sierra taking me and the podcast along for the ride!  But I have one question:  Are we there yet?!


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