Way back in 2007 (I know, it’s ancient times in online terms) I started recording a little show called The Genealogy Gems Podcast. My studio consisted of a desktop PC and a $10 Radio Shack microphone. Back then I worked all week long to come up with 15 or 20 minutes of broadcast content. My first genealogy Gems were about techniques I was using in my own research and the technology that was moving faster every day.

Before I moved to my new website earlier this year I removed the first 20 episodes from the podcast feed for a variety of reasons – hosting costs, sound quality, etc. Now with the new site we’ve got lots of room to stretch, and with some restoration the episode sound quality has been improved. So every so often I march a couple of episodes out of the vault, and in Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 140 you’ll hear Episodes 3 and 4.

Episode 3 highlighted one of my favorite research strategies at the time which is still a favorite today: eBay Favorites  eBay is not just for dvds and kitchy knick knacks.  Like Google Alerts, eBay Favorites does the searching for you. Auctions delivered to your inbox could feature hard to find history books, yearbooks, and even photos of your ancestors and family bibles. Later in the episode we take those found genealogical items and talk about how to incorporate them into creative and meaningful family history displays.

Episode 4 originally aired on St. Patrick’s Day in 2007 and understandably touches on Irish genealogy. Then we move on to using YouTube for genealogy. YouTube was just a 2 year old toddler back then, but it was already showing it’s strength as an addition to our genealogy toolbox.

Enjoy listening to a blast from the past in Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 140


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