When I published my book Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse (and tablets too!) some folks in the genealogy
community asked me if I really thought there were many family historians out there who would use an iPad or tablet.

My emphatic answer was “yes,” and as I travel and speak to live audiences around the U.S. and internationally they prove me right. It’s amazing how many tablets are carefully pulled out of bags and fired up when my presentations begin.

To put the increase in mobile device usage in perspective, check out this cool infographic on the mobile trends of 2012.

2012 Internet & Mobile Trends

Infographic courtesy of BackgroundCheck.org

Of particular note is the dominance of the iPad over the iPhone and iPod.  And while “iPhone” is a household term, Android smartphones far outsell them.

Bottom Line: Mobile is here and throwing its weight around.

And if genealogists have proven anything, it is that they are often leading the pack in using technology to accomplish their goals. (Tap into the newest genealogical tech at the upcoming RootsTech 2013 conference. Get more info here.)

And what can we look for in the future? Here’s an article about some rumors being whispered about the next big mobile gadget.  Shhhhhhhh….


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