Have you ever checked out RootsMagic? This award-winning software helps family historians record and share their research. Much more than just another family tree organizer, its full-bodied publishing features help you translate your research into beautifully-formatted books and charts.

Rootsmagic has announced a slew of free new webinars to help you master their software. Here’s a list of what’s coming up in February and March:

Feb 19 – New WebTags in RootsMagic 6

Feb 26 – New “Find Everywhere” in RootsMagic 6

Mar 5 – New Timeline View in RootsMagic 6

Mar 19 – Splitting and Combining Files in RootsMagic

Mar 26 – Sentence and Source Templates in RootsMagic

Apr 2 – Working with Dates in RootsMagic

Click here to register to watch a webinar live or to download any you’ve missed, including past webinars like “Getting Started with RootsMagic,” creating custom reports or using source citations with RootsMagic. There are also classes for using their sister programs, Personal Historian and Family Atlas. If you’ve never tried RootsMagic, consider downloading their free basic edition and see how it works for you.

I’m proud that RootsTech is a sponsor of the Genealogy Gems Podcast!

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