A special Certificate of Recognition has been newly created by the Society of Genealogists to recognize exceptional ribbon_seal_400_wht_12051contributions to genealogy by individuals and institutions worldwide. Else Churchill, Genealogist, Society of Genealogists in London made the announcement as follows:

Society of Genealogists Launches a New Prestigious Award for the Genealogical Community

In the first year nomination forms were made available to Fellows of the Society for their suggestions and four candidates have been recognised by the newly formed awards panel for the new Certificate in 2013.  The successful candidates were:

Dick Eastman for having the vision to promote family history through the CompuServe Genealogy Forum and by founding and maintaining the daily Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter.

Dr Hugh Kearsey for actively ensuring a wider availability of materials enabling others to pursue family history in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire.

Rosemary Cleaver for her continuous back-room contributions to all aspects of the West Surrey Family History Society over many years.

The Polish Archive of Przemyślu in recognition of outstanding maintenance of local family records, and in the efforts to making them accessible to researchers from far and wide.

Formal presentations will be arranged over the coming months.

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