stick_figure_ride_mouse_400_wht_9283You’ve heard of the Silver Surfer, right? I’m not talking about the comic book hero. This title is also given to older people who surf the ‘net. Are “silver surfers” a myth? Uncommon? Not at all!

Genealogy Gems reader David Sawers recently sent me this fantastic infographic about internet use by older adults (read the accompanying article here). He helped with the research behind the infographic and wants to share it with the genealogical community.

Yay for all the older people who are keeping up with the world where to buy medication reviews online! It’s no small transition for someone who remembers when everyone communicated at a much slower pace and in different ways.

I don’t keep track of the ages of those who follow Genealogy Gems, but now I’m curious. You don’t have to reveal your age outright–but if you’re a “silver surfer,” will you surf over to my Facebook page? Post your memory of how communication happened when you were young: by letter, wire, party line, over the back fence?


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