FamilyHouse_LoadingDo you play online games? Do members of your family? I’m guessing someone in your house does! Well, an online genealogy game, now available as an app, offers a “virtual alternative for creating a family tree by asking players to build up and restore their ‘family’ house.”

“Over 100,000 people have already moved into their own Family House on their PCs, and now Family House is available to play for the first time on iPhone and iPad,” says a recent press release from brightsolid. “Players are encouraged to explore their family history by moving in more and more family members as their house grows.

brightsolid’s Family House Project Manager Robbie Graham explains, “The game has been designed to encourage families to create a virtual family tree and the avatar editor is central to the proposition.  Users can recreate family member likenesses with a wide array of options.  We’ve even created a range of clothing that goes right back to the 17th Century.”

Robbie adds, “We wanted to create a fun app that’s rich in learning and sharing.  Family House has been created with interactivity in mind and allows on-line play with friends and family.  Users can assemble virtual streets and pop round to their friends’ and neighbors’ houses to meet their families.”

brightsolid CEO Richard Higgs says the game is playable for kids as young as four years old. It’s a free download from the iTunes App Store or you can play on Facebook.  This would be a fun online lead-up to a family reunion–or something to project on to the big screen and play while you’re at one!


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