I recently heard from Renee in St. Louis with this dismayed question:

“I’m assuming you’ve heard that MyFamily.com is shutting down.  I administer 5 sites there and am desperately trying to figure out what I’m going to do with all that data … I’ve got to get it migrated by September. Do you have any idea of any sites that can handle all the kinds of material that Myfamily handled?  Nothing I’ve seen so far seems adequate. I’m praying you may know of something. Thanks.”

Many in the genealogy community are mourning the passing of a few products like MyFamily that Ancestry has decided to close. My uncle has a MyFamily account which I’ve visited only a few time so I’m no expert on it, but when I look at what it offers, this is what comes to mind to replace it: MyHeritage.com. (And not because they are a sponsor of my podcast which they happen to be.)

  • For just over $6 a month (Premium membership), members can create a site that stores up to 1000 MB of photos and videos, which invited relatives can access for free. Members can also post their family trees there–allowing members to gradually and casually share their family history research alongside current photos and life events. You can keep a family events calendar that automatically incorporates living relatives’ birthdays and anniversaries.
  • For about $3.50 more per month (Premium plus membership), members get unlimited photo and video storage.
  • All the new records recently added to MyHeritage.com and their automated searches of those records and other people’s trees are a great bonus for anyone actively researching their family tree.
  • One MyFamily.com feature I see that isn’t offered in the same way at MyHeritage.com is the blog. However, you can send out group emails that link directly to the pictures you put on the site.

Check out MyHeritage membership options here.

Another perspective: Ancestry.com posted a page of frequently-asked questions about the MyFamily.com shutdown. Here’s what they say:

Q: I really like MyFamily: are there any alternatives?

A: We encourage you to visit other relevant websites that provide one or more of the features that MyFamily.com offered. Sites for you to consider include:


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