DNA YDNA genetic genealogy social networkingNavigating the exhibit hall at RootsTech 2015 was often quite a feat! It was especially crowded around the booths for the two DNA testing companies represented, Family Tree DNA and Ancestry.com.  There were people standing around swabbing their mouths, ready to see what their DNA can tell them about their family history.

This is exciting news for us. The more people that test, the more we can learn: collectively, as a genetic genealogy community, and personally, as we make connections with genetic cousins.

Further evidence that the genetic and genealogy communities are forming a tight bond is the announcement of a partnership by Family Tree DNA and FindMyPast.  Currently the agreement is for discounted testing, but hopefully that will blossom into some badly needed genealogical tools for Family Tree DNA customers.

Ancestry was not about to be left out of the excitement! Among their other product updates announced this week that they will be enhancing their DNA Circles experience.  Soon you will be a part of DNA circles that center around an ancestor that is not currently found in your pedigree chart (but maybe should be!).

Add that to the news a few months ago that MyHeritage will provide pedigree assistance to customers at testing company 23andMe, and we can surmise that genetics is now a permanent resident in genealogy. The 23andMe/My Heritage partnership will rely on pedigree data being added to MyHeritage by 23andMe customers, which will hopefully ultimately lead more people to post their genealogy online, which is very much lacking in the current offering by 23andMe.

Genealogy DNA Quick Reference Guides Cheat SheetsExciting times are ahead! Get tested–and learn to how use your results meaningfully in your genealogy research. If you need help, check out my DNA quick guides.


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