Top Ten Genealogy Coundown #2One of our most popular blog posts ever explains why you should still choose family tree software over genealogy websites for your master family tree–and which software programs Lisa recommends.

Earlier today we celebrated our most popular blog post ever: the one about NOT keeping your master tree online at genealogy websites like Ancestry. Interestingly, keeping your master tree in software at home was the theme of our second most popular post, which includes a list of Lisa’s favorite family history software programs. We’re sensing a theme! Gems readers want to keep their genealogy SAFE.

custom_software_box_12041Bottom line:  the best genealogy software for you depends on how much you want to spend and how sophisticated you want medication online to buy your database to be. Do you want a free basic version or a premium product that will cost you something? Do you want to use the software to produce books or family charts? Are you a Mac or PC user? Lisa addresses these considerations in her top-rated blog post on the best genealogy software and why you should be using it.

Next: how to download and/or backup all your Ancestry data. Don’t miss this popular post–or our recommendation for backing up your entire computer for $5 a month.

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