In the new Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast Episode 163, you’ll hear what’s happening with a trove of 160,000 pieces of undelivered mail dating back to the 1600s, an adoptee’s personal response to Premium Episode 162, and tips on finding U.S. Navy photos. Plus, hear the exclusive interview with Joe Everett of the Family History Library at Brigham Young University in Utah and thoughts from Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard on DNA crime samples. 

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Host and producer Lisa Louise Cooke starts off Genealogy Gems Premium Podcast 163 with a fascinating news update about “The Prize Papers” Undelivered Mail. About 160,000 undelivered (and in some case, unopened) letters are currently being cataloged by the Prize Papers Project. These letters span from the 17th to the 19th century. Though these letters may not have been written by your direct ancestors, they can provide a rare glimpse into the daily lives of folks just like them. Lisa will fill you in on what’s been discovered and what you can expect as this project progresses.

Do you have old family letters? What supporting detail can be gleaned from them about the life that your ancestor lived? Even the seemingly mundane could be a treasured detail! Stay tuned for updates about this exciting collection, and in the mean time, take steps to preserve the letters in your own collection. (Check out the Archive Lady Melissa Barker’s easy 4-step process!)

Other highlights of Premium Podcast Episode #163

We love when our members write in with their personal stories and questions. It’s a chance for us to hear what your challenges are so that we can help, and to share in your successes when you make a breakthrough. We received many wonderful responses to Premium Episode 162 about dealing with the unexpected with your DNA results. In this episode, we’ll share a particularly powerful response from a listener. In this episode you’ll also get expert advice from our wonderful contributors:

  • Military Minutes Michael Strauss answers a listener’s question on finding U.S. Navy photos
  • An interview with Joe Everett of the Family History Library at Brigham Young University in Utah (image left)
  • A new Book Club recommendation
  • Follow-up thoughts from Your DNA Guide Diahan Southard on DNA crime samples

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Lacey Cooke

Lacey, Your Happiness ManagerLacey has been working with Genealogy Gems since the company’s inception in 2007. Now, as the full-time manager of Genealogy Gems, she creates the free weekly newsletter, writes blogs, coordinates live events, and collaborates on new product development. No stranger to working with dead people, Lacey holds a degree in Forensic Anthropology, and is passionate about criminal justice and investigative techniques. She is the proud dog mom of Renly the corgi.

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