The Cool New Technology that Just Got Better with Genealogy

Originally designed specifically for the iPad in 2010, the free Flipboard app has moved onto all the major mobile platforms. And this cool new technology has just gotten better with a big dose of genealogy!

I invite you to explore the newly released free Flipboard magazine RootsTech 2014: Where Genealogy and Technology Converge. (Image right: cover)

Genealogy Gems has  published the magazine in conjunction with the RootsTech program team in a continuing effort to help family historians embrace new technologies and present RootsTech attendees with the possibilities.

Consider what’s been happening in the mobile space this last year:

  • Smartphone usage in the U.S. increased by 50 percent (Kleiner Perkins)
  • The number of emails being opened on mobile increased by 330 percent (Litmus)
  • Tablet usage doubled in the U.S. (Pew Research Center)

The bottom line: More than ever folks are accessing websites, videos, podcasts, blogs and other online information on their mobile devices. That’s where the free Flipboard app comes in.

The free Flipboard app is a social-network and online aggregator of web content and RSS channels for Android, Blackberry 10, iOS, Windows 8, and Windows Phone 8. Content is presented in a captivating magazine format allowing users to “flip” through it with a simple swipe of the finger.

As a genealogy new media content creator and publisher, we’re excited to introduce a creative use of this emerging technology to the genealogy industry. RootsTech 2014: Where Genealogy and Technology Converge is a free magazine available at The magazine pulls together great web content from RootsTech speakers, exhibitors, and official bloggers in one beautiful and convenient place.

This magazine has presented an opportunity to crowd-source the know-how and talent of all of those who work to make RootsTech a success. The magazine offers an exciting look at the RootsTech experience the innovative technologies emerging in the genealogy industry, and a new vehicle for everyone in the RootsTech community to converge! The pages go beyond text and images by also delivering video and audio!

How to Access the Magazine in Flipboard:

  1. Get the free Flipboard app at, in iTunes or Google Play.
  2. Set up for your free account
  3. In the search box at the top of the homepage, search for ROOTSTECH
  4. Tap “RootsTech 2014” by Lisa Louise Cooke (you’ll see a magazine icon next to it.)
  5. When the magazine loads, tap the SUBSCRIBE icon at the top of the page
  6. Starting at the right hand side of the page, swipe your finger from right to left over each page to “flip!”

Looking for more great genealogy themed Flipboard magazines? Check out two more new issues from Lisa Louise Cooke:

Stay tuned to the Genealogy Gems Blog and Podcast for Lisa’s upcoming exclusive interview with the folks at Flipboard!

Genealogy Gems Podcast App for Windows 8 Phone and Desktop Now Available

Lisa Louise Cooke Studio FinalThe Genealogy Gems Podcast App is now available for Windows 8 phone, tablets and desktop! Our app provides you the ability to stream or download free Genealogy Gems Podcast content, and even share your favorite episodes. Here’s what you need to know:

Windows_phone_appPhone / Tablet:  First, download the Genealogy Gems phone app for $2.99 from the Windows Phone Store.

Once installed, a live tile will be available on the start menu. Opening the app will provide you a list of episodes available for the show.

You can swipe left or right to move through favorites, downloaded episodes, and recently played episodes.

Selected episodes will be highlighted with a check mark in the corner. Tapping on an episode you wish to listen to will open an in app player.

Clicking on the three dots in the lower right hand corner will open up the menu shortcuts, giving easy access to marking episodes as favorites, downloading the episodes for offline listening, or sharing the episodes out with your friends.


Desktop.  Download the Genealogy Gems desktop app ($2.99 from the Windows Desktop App Store.)

Opening the app will provide you a list of episodes available for the show on the right with a player on the left and utilizes all the standards of the Windows 8 navigation. Selected episodes will be highlighted with a check mark in the corner.

An episode can be bookmarked by marking it as a ‘favorite’, and episodes can be downloaded so that they are available offline.

When downloading a file, the status of the download will appear. Once an episode is favorited or downloaded, you can set the app to show only those favorite episodes or those downloaded files. You can also view a list of what episodes were recently played.

The Genealogy Gems Podcast app is the one and only family history podcast app available, and was named a Must Have Apps for Hobbies by App Advice.


RootsTech 2013: There’s an App for That!

Are you going to RootsTech in March? Do you have an iPad, tablet or smart phone? Then you need to download a free app!

RootsTech 2013 is your personal conference assistant. It delivers to your palm all the  information you need on exhibitors and speakers along with a map and customizable schedule. For example, I’m speaking at RootsTech in four different sessions. You can find each session listed by day or track under the Events icon, or you can go right to my name under the Speakers icon and see all four sessions at once, with a description and location of each one. Add one (or more) of my sessions to your own schedule. You’ll also find me under the Exhibitors icon. You can bookmark or schedule buy valtrex medication each exhibitor you want to visit, then mark them off as you do. I hope you’ll come see me at my booth!

You can even have a social life on this app. Publish a profile if you want others to see your name on a guest list. Then look for others who have done that under the Attendees icon. Create a network of Friends with whom you can chat and share notes (and meet for lunch!). Stay updated with the app’s News feed, and share in the conference buzz on Twitter and Facebook.

The link I gave you above takes you to the App Shopper for the iOS universal app; it’s also in Apple’s Apps Store.


A Genealogy App that Can Build and Edit Your Family Tree has announced the release of the free MyHeritage app version 2.0 for iPad, iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. Now you can build and edit your family tree, add more information to it, and take your heritage with you anywhere you go.

The app has been optimized for each platform using cutting-edge HTML5 and SVG technologies. Download the new app now, for free, from Apple’s App Store or Google Play.

The app was first launched in December 2011, and has been installed over 1 million times. If you already have an older version, the good new is that the new app will upgrade it seamlessly without affecting your data.

According to “The new app version 2.0 lets you create and edit your family tree, add relatives and photos, edit profiles, info and events – wherever you are – in the palm of your hand.  Meeting with family members? Together with your relatives, you can add missing details and correct errors on the spot with new editing screens. Profile pages have also been optimized for mobile devices.”

Get all the details on using the MyHeritage mobile app at the MyHeritage Blog.

Learn more about how to use your iPad for Genealogy research and sharing your family history from my new book Turn Your iPad into a Genealogy Powerhouse.

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