How to Print Merged Images in Evernote

evernote for genealogy save merge images in notesNeed a better understanding of how to print merged Images in Evernote? Here’s a Q&A from a reader.

Recently I heard from Joe, who was trying to merge screen clips into a single image and note. He found that after he merged the screen clips, “the merged clips appear as one note on the screen. However, when I try to print or save the merged note, only the portion under the cursor is printed or saved. For example, after I right clicked on this obit to ‘Save as,’ only the top or bottom part was saved to another directory on my PC.

How can I make the vertical bar on the right encompass ALL of the merged clips, rather than just one of them, depending on where the cursor is located? Here is an example of my problem. When I print the obit, a small, top portion prints on page 1, then the large, bottom portion prints on page 2. Thanks in advance for your help!”

Here’s how merged images work in Evernote:
Joe clipped the item in pieces. Each piece is an image, and each piece saved as a separate note. Then he merged them all together. “Merge” means they were all put in one note, but it doesn’t mean the separate images were actually stitched together to make one single image.

How to Print Merged Images in Evernote

The end result is multiple images in one note. That’s why when Joe goes to print, Evernote prints each image on one page. Of course, he can always preview how the printing will come out.

How to Print Merged Images in Evernote

How to Print Merged Images in Evernote in a continuous format:
1. After merging the notes into one, click the Share button at the top of the note, and click “Share Note.” This will copy the URL for that note to your computer’s clipboard.

2. Go to you web browser and Paste the URL into the address field

3. With the entire note on your screen, use the Evernote Web Browser clipper to “Clip > Full Page.” This will create a new note with the entire obit in one image.

You can see the difference when you go to File > Print Preview in Evernote for the merged note and then the full page note. The merged note is broken up and the full page note is more continuous like the original obit, and likely over fewer pages. It’s an extra step, but should do the job if you really need the item to be reinstated as one image.

Print Preview full article

Whenever possible clip items from the web using the web browser clipper’s Full Page, or Article feature. It can capture what’s on the page even further down where you can’t see. (The exception would be items that appear in special “viewers” which is how sites like Ancestry display their images. In that case you need to use the Screenshot feature and clip what you can see on the screen, and then move down and clip the next portion separately.)

Thanks to Joe for his question!

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