Each chair at my table is different

My Dear Gems:
I just feel moved to share a bit of my life and home with you today.

Hugs, Lisa

Guests at my table family history inspiration

Each chair at my kitchen table is different; they come from various grandparents, both mine and my husbands.

As I walk past it throughout my day, I envision them sitting there, enjoying a cup of coffee and each other, and watching the fruits of their labor.

That keeps me grounded, and my life focused. 

More on my kitchen dinette:

These are colonial style chairs, vintage 1950s. They belonged to the families Mansfield,  Cooke, Burkett, and Moore. The green antique pie safe held my grandmother’s jams, jellies and canning for 50 years in her home. The small table in the corner belonged to my pateral grandparents.

Sydney Clint Helen Mansfield & Rose Raymond Cooke c1958

Dear friends: The Cookes and Mansfields

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