Family History Episode 5 – Unlocking the Past and Home Sources

Family History: Genealogy Made Easy PodcastPublished October 29, 2013

by Lisa Louise Cooke


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Welcome to this step-by-step series for beginning genealogists—and more experienced ones who want to brush up or learn something new. I first ran this series in 2008. So many people have asked about it, I’m bringing it back in weekly segments.

Episode 5: Unlocking the Past and Home Sources

In our first segment my guest is genealogy author and publisher David Fryxell.  I’m going to be talking to him about locating valuable family resources and the importance of being tenacious in your research.

Then in our second segment we’re going to help you along on your own genealogy journey by talking about the importance of scouring your home for family clues and creative and effective ways to get the words out to your relatives so that family history information finds you!


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